Blessed Hope Nepal (BHN) was established in 2013 and is owned by three ethnic Tibetan women from the mountains of Eastern Nepal. They are the first and only business owned and operated by women among their people group. They are uneducated but with the help of many of their friends, they were able to start and grow a wonderful business which has provided amazing opportunities for them as well as many women in their community. They taught themselves and their artisans the beautiful and intricate art of bead crochet and this skill has been the foundation of their business.

Over the years their skills have deepened and they love coming up with new designs together and challenging themselves to never stop creating. It is their hearts desire to provide good, wholesome, creative work, skills development training and true hope to the women of the Himalayas. They seek to enhance and enrich the lives of the artisans that they work with, who are from villages throughout the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. Many of their artisans do not have the education needed to find good jobs in Nepal and are incredibly thankful for the work they have at BHN. The artisans come from all different walks of life. Their ages range from 18-50, some are single and others married, some have children and others none. Levels of formal education also vary widely. Most of the artisans have never been to school, a few have attended through grade school, a handful have graduated from high school and a few of the artisans are working to put themselves through college. Living arrangements also vary; from corrugated metal one-room buildings with dirt floors and an outdoor kitchen to a two-bedroom apartment. Some of the women live without the conveniences of indoor plumbing or running water. The energy that is required to do daily household chores—cooking, cleaning, laundry, caring for children—takes exponentially more time in Nepal and it is because of these unique needs of the women artisans that BHN has structured their business model so that the artisans are able to make their jewelry at home throughout the week. They all meet together every Tuesday at their office; and the rest of the week, the artisans work from home. Each week, they collect and check the previous week’s work and give new orders for the coming week. They also have time to drink tea together and spend time doing what all women around the world enjoy —- talking and catching up on each other’s lives. BHN truly is a family and they love that part about what they do. In addition to caring well for their own artisans, BHN also seeks to impact and invest in the community around them. They have a strong desire to help the elderly people in their community, especially those without a spouse or children to care for them. They believe that as they are blessed, it is their privilege to bless others. They have a big vision for the future and they are thankful for you as each and every one of your purposeful purchases allow them to impact more and more lives in Nepal.

Our BHN products are handcrafted and are beautiful, creative, consistent, quality products that are crafted with love and great attention to detail.