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Urban Dwellers

We believe we play a role in bringing life changing hope into the lives of people. We seek out the finest products from creative, locally owned businesses located in the far corners of the world that are in the business of providing hope to those they employ.

We also partner with One Life, an organization committed to bringing hope into the lives of people globally.

All purchases support the artisans who provide our products and our friends at

Because It’s Not About Us

Yes, we are a “FOR PROFIT” company. We believe in the artisans that we work with and are blessed to bring their creations to you. We’re not a non-profit entity that is barely hanging on, we’re a for-profit who is prospering.

What do we do with the results? We give it away.

How much? We are committed to giving away up to 50% of our profits to projects that matter.

Who do we give our money to? Our favorite organization to give to is ONE LIFE. We love them and they love us. 

Why do we do this? We believe in something greater than ourselves and that we can play a part in bringing life changing hope into the lives of people. 

Meet our Partners

OneLife focuses on meeting the needs of people around the world. Their work includes things like caring for orphans, providing for refugees, freedom from trafficking, and so much more. Learn how your One Life can make a difference at

The folks at Urban Dwellers love coffee! We have a vision is to meet global needs and provide AMAZING coffee. When we import our coffee beans, it’s not from a company, it’s from a farmer with a family. Our partnership gives hope at a reasonable wage and a commitment to eradicate poverty from their lives. Grab a bag at and let us know what you think!

Meet the Team

Ralph and Harriet A.
Based out of Missouri, USA, Ralph and Harriet bring years of wisdom and experience to business. Their commitment is to bringing hope to the hopeless by providing a product with quality and the best experience for the customer.

Jacob and Sara F.
Based out of East Asia, Jacob and Sara travel the continents looking for quality. As a couple they have dedicated their lives to helping people find things that they have been looking for.